The Life Science Trust was set up by Dr. Margaret Colquhoun (1947-2017) as a Scottish Charity in 1992 to further the work of Goethean Science and develop this work in the fields of education, the arts and sciences, medicine, agriculture, horticulture, architecture, ecology, philosophy, religion, social development and welfare and otherwise for the public benefit. Key personnel of the Trust were teaching the scientific methods of Goetheanism for some time before the land base study centre was acquired, a research and demonstration base, led to the decision to undertake this project.

A Company Limited by Guarantee with Charitable Status, incorporated in October 28, 1992.



Board of Trustees


Christian Thal-Jantzen is a stalwart of ethical investment. He has worked in the sector since 1988 when he joined Bromige: “I was involved with helping projects that had a strong social and spiritual dimension to addressing social questions – how could human beings be more creative?, how could they have more fulfilled lives?, and how could they take more responsibility for their lives? Those are the sort of issues that interested me”.


Dr. James Dyson trained as a doctor in London at the same time as pursuing his studies in Anthroposophy. He now lectures internationally on a wide range of subjects. Besides his work as an adult educator and a doctor, he was also was one of the founder members of the Park Attwood Clinic where patients were able to be treated with Anthroposophical medicine and therapies. He worked there for twenty-five years.


Betty Stolk is the manager of the Corbenic Camphill Community in Scotland. In this community, 65 people live, including 27 adults with learning disabilities.  Residents, volunteers, and employees live in 5 households within 50 acres of agricultural and forestry land. The community is based on the principle of living and working together with those who have special needs.


Mike Galbraith acquired many useful skills, using Mathematics, Physics and the scientific method throughout his career as a Geophysicist to investigate many challenging problems. He wrote many papers for Conventions, Seminars and the like and co-authored a technical book on the design of 3D Seismic Surveys using acoustic sources. In 2005 he was elected as an honorary member of the Canadian Society of Geophysicists.