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In Partnership with Nature

Natural Science is possible not only within the realm of material experience.

In this workshop we will explore other ways of experiencing Nature that allow another way of knowing.  We will be working with place and plants ‘in context’ at the beautiful ‘Fairhill’  (Pishwanton Wood) in East Lothian. 

Saraphir  Quaa-Rishi will start us off with  movement exercises  to bring us to awareness of self, our group and the earth.

Katherine Buchanan will give guidance and exercises towards expanding the familiar natural scientific mode of knowing through new ways of thinking, observing and of consciously perceiving Nature.

These involve ‘outward’ observations based on our senses, with an acute awareness and alert attention combined with an inner activity through which the organic world in its living fluidity can be grasped.

This way allows a new understanding of the natural organisms and beings with which we associate and through this we can begin to co-create “in partnership with Nature”.

In this workshop the artistic aspects of the approach will be facilitated by painter Margaret Shillan.  

Katherine Buchanan is an evolutionary biologist, ecological consultant, and storyteller and researches landscapes, plants and animals 'in context'.  She teaches 'Nature's Open Secret”, “Artistic Science” and “Storytelling” on the Edinburgh Steiner Teacher's training course ; “Goethean Science” on the Edinburgh Foundation Seminar in Anthroposophy (“New Beginnings”) and “In partnership with Nature” in workshops across Scotland.

Margaret Shillan founded and taught in the Visual Arts course at Emerson College. Before that she was a Steiner class teacher and art teacher at Michael Hall. She worked with Margaret Colquhoun for 30 years helping to bring together science and art.

Saraphir Quaa-Rishi is a Eurythmist , craft designer/maker and teacher.  She teaches Eurythmy at Garvald centres , freelances on courses and seminars and runs her own Eurythmy workshops.

Dates and times:

Friday August 24th : 2.00pm till 5.00pm

Saturday August 25th : 9.30am till 5.00pm

Sunday August 26th :  9.30am  till 2.00pm.


Cost: £125 including all materials; light lunches and refreshments

Bookings: Please contact Katherine Buchanan on or 01875833369